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​​​Healthy Mama Fitness is an outdoor fitness program for moms where they can bring their kiddos along in the stroller. Moms with a mix of younger and older children are also welcome to attend. The program is for moms in all stages of motherhood in all stages of fitness from beginner to advanced. The instructor is skilled in providing regressions and progressions or showing clients easier versions or harder versions of the exercise based on their fitness abilities. The program is designed to help mothers meet their fitness and health goals. As a client, you will notice a huge transformation in your fitness abilities and health because the instructor will go above and beyond to help you meet your goals. Each workout will last 60 min. It will start with a 10 min warm up. The class will then power walk/ run to an area of the park where they will do a strength training circuit. Then the class will take off again and do some more strength training circuits. So the class is a mix of cardio and strength training which has been shown to provide results fast. The class will end with abdominal exercises and a cool down. Mothers are welcome to stop the workout to breastfeed or change a diaper or take care of their child’s needs if necessary.

After the workout, we will have a playdate where the children can engage in a fun learning activity or just play the park. This is the perfect time for the children to make new friends and for the moms to make new mommy friends! We will also meet once a week at the farmers market, which will motivate everyone to make healthy food choices! There will also be a Mom’s night out every month. Healthy Mama Fitness is an enjoyable way to stay active and the kids will love it too!

Healthy Mama Fitness

  • Make new mommy friends


Make friends for your kids


Have fun exercising

Do something healthy for yourself

Be a role model to your children

Catherine Schockett is an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has her degree in Elementary Education and was a K-12 music teacher before she had her 3 children. She has been a stay at home mom and military wife for the last 5 years. While her husband was deployed in Afghanistan, she attended a stroller fitness boot camp at a beach and it dramatically changed her life. She looked forward to working out with other moms every week! It has been her dream to help moms in the same way that she was helped. Now she is making her dreams come true by starting Healthy Mama Fitness. 

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